Bobby Shmurda Net Worth, Jail, Relationship, Age and Lyrics

Bobby Shmurda is an American rapper. He is famously known for his song “Hot Nigga” which he released in 2014. The song gained him international fame and peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100.

His birth name is Ackquille Jean Pollard but professionally he is known as Bobby Shmurda. He was born in Miami, Florida, USA on August 4, 1994.

Bobby Shmurda originally hails from Brooklyn, U.S. The Hot Nigga hit maker genre of music is Hip Hop and Brooklyn drill. Along with Rowdy Rebel, he is considered to be the first to explore Brooklyn drill music.

Bobby Shmurda Net Worth, Jail, Relationship, Age and Lyrics

Bobby Shmurda was born on August 4, 1994. Consequently, his zodiac sign is Leo.

Is Bobby Shmurda gay?

How old is Bobby Shmurda?

Born on Friday, 19 August 1994, Bobby Shmurda is 29 years, 8 months and 2 days old on 21 April, 2024.

  • Total Years: 29
  • Total Days: 10,838
  • Total Months: 356
  • Total Weeks: 1,548 and 2 days

Is Bobby Shmurda Gay?

In the current world of fame several artists’ sexuality is really a question of the day. Fans are so observant and popping up the gay question if they notice something queer.

Shmurda sexual orientation question has become a question more often. Back in December 2021, Cardi B defended Shmurda on X against fans due to his “Zesty” (fun, active and sexy and has various meaning in slang and can refer to gay) dance moves.

However besides all the accusations of him being gay and some confessions from here and there, Shmurda responded that he is bisexual.

Bobby Shmurda Net Worth

Bobby Shmurda is worth around $2 million. His main source of wealth is his talent as a rapper and songwriter.
In 2022 he bought a Mercedes-Benz S 580 4MATIC. Just like his friends in the industry, he has a liking for cars.

His Jail sentence

Bobby Shmurda was arrested and charged with the felony of criminal possession of a weapon on June 3, 2021.

In this incident police reported that they saw Shmurda flashing the gun in an apartment. But when they went to investigate he tried to hide the gun in a couch. He was arrested and released on bail.

Before Shmurda rose to fame he is reported to have been “the driving force” in GS9 (Grimey Shooters, “Gun Squad” or “G Stone Crips”)

On December 2014, New York City Police arrested him with other members of GS9 under the charges of weapons possession, conspiracy to murder and reckless endangerment.

In 2016 he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison. But his jail time was reduced to five years after getting a credit for the two years he had served while awaiting trial.

He was released from Clinton Correctional Facility in February 2021.

The hip-hop community celebrated his release. Quavios Keyate Marshall, an American rapper, is the one who picked up Shmurda upon his release from jail.

Early life and background

Bobby Shmurda net worth and ageAckquille Pollard born in Miami, Florida as the son of Leslie Pollard who is African-American and Gervase Johnson who hails from Jamaica.

However, his mother relocated to East Flatbush, Brooklyn from Florida after his father was imprisoned for attempted murder.

While growing up in Brooklyn he used to be out in the streets picking up fights with older children. His childhood and adolescence was faced with challenges.

He had frequent run-ins with the law, and he spent fifteen months in detention after being arrested on gun charges.

Shmurda followed his older brother with his friends and started selling drugs when he was only in grade 9. But in his song titled “Hot Nigga” he mentions in his lyrics that he started selling crack while in grade 5.

Bobby has a sibling known as Javese Pollard.

Quick facts

NameAckquille Jean Pollard
Famous asBobby Shmurda
BornAugust 4, 1994
OriginBrooklyn, New York, USA
Height5 feet 10 inches
AncestryTrinidadian and Tobagonian American, Jamaican American
FatherGervase Johnson
MotherLeslie Pollard
SiblingJavese Pollard
Years Active2013-present

His Music Career

At the age of 10, Shmurda started remixing songs. But his singing career officially took off in 2014.

His first song to remix was by Crime mob’s “knuck If You Buck”. But it was not recognized at all until when he did his first single called “Hot Nigga”.

The song uses the instrumental from Lloyd Banks” 2012 song “Jackpot”.

The song was a one hit since it was well received and went viral shortly after being uploaded on YouTube.

He introduced “Shmoney dance” which he performs in the video. The dance started trending and was featured in several popular Vines thus making it trend even more.

Shmoney dance” was replicated by Beyoncé and Jay-Z during their On the Run Tour.

Drake also replicated the dance style while hosting ESPY Awards.

However, Juicy J, French Montana, Lil’ Kim, Gunplay and T.I did a remix adding their own verses to its lyrics.

Epic records signed Shmurda for a recording deal in 2014.

In August 2014, Shmurda got a chance to perform with Drake on his Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour. Meek Mill reached out to him after the song gained fame and started to perform with Shmurda. He also performed with Fabulous while other stars like Yo Gotti and Lil Durk showed interest working with Shmurda.

A reggae remix of the song that featured Mavado, Junior Reid, Popcaan and Jah X was released in 2014.

The young star has been part of ‘GS9’ (rap group from Brooklyn). The group released a mixtape named Shmoney Shmurda featuring Bobby Shmurda.

After being released from prison he performed at Rolling Loud Festival in Miami, Florida 2021. Later he released another song called “No Time for Sleep” (freestyle).

Bobby Shmurda about a week ago lyrics

Ya’ll tryn’ make a next mother f*** scene up here huh?
It’s like Shmurda she wrote
How much Shmoneys is that? Ah, ah, ah, ahh,
Ah, ah, ahh

N’ chewy, am some hot nigga’ (hot nigga)
Like I talk to Shyste when I shot nigga’s (what’s good?)
Like u seen him twirl, then he dropin’ nigga
N’ we keep them 9’
Millis on my block’ nigga
N’ Monte keep it on him,
He done dropped nigga’s (drop)
N’ trigger he b wilding
He some hot niggas
Tones known to get busy
With them Glocks (nigga)
Try to run down n u can catch a shot (nigga)
Running through these checks until I pass out (pass out)
N’ shortly give me neck until I pass out (pass out)
I swear’ to God all I do is cash out’
N’ if u ain’t a h* get up out my trap house
I have been selling cracks since like the 5th grade (fifth grade)
Really never made no difference what the sh** made (shit made)
Jaja taught me flip them packs n how to maintain (maintain)
Get that money back and spend it on the same thing
Shawty like the way that I ball out (ball out)
I be getting money ‘til I fall out (fall out)
U talk cash d** out I goes all out
Shawty love the way that I floss out (floss out)
Free Greezy though let all of my do** out (do** out)
Mama said no Pu*** cats inside my d** house (do** house)
That is what got my daddy locked in the dog pound (huh!)
Free Phantom though, let all d*** out
We gone pull up in that hoop tie like we cops on them
With M16’s we gon put some shots on them
I send a lil’ thot to send the drop on ‘em (send it! Send it!
She is gon call me up and am sic the hots on them (and I’ma and I’ma)
Grimey savage that is what we are (we are!)
Grimey shooters dressed in G-star, GS9 I go so hard
But GS for my gun squaaad and bi*** if it is a problem
We going gun brawl, (brawl nigga!) shots popping out the AR (b-b-b-bow nigga!)
Am with trigger, am with Rasha, I’m with A-Rod
Broad day light and we gon let them things bark
Tell them niggas free Meeshie h*(meeshie ho*)
Some way free Breezy ho* (Breezy ho*)
And tell my niggas Shmurda teaming h* (team ho*)
Mitch caught a body about a week ago (a week ago)
F*** with us and then we tweaking h*(tweaking ho*)
Run up on that nigga, get the squeezing h* (squeezing ho*)
Everybody catching bullet holes (bullet holes)

Niggas got me on my bully yo! (Bully yo!)
Am a run up put that gun on them (gun on!)
I’m a run up go dumb on them (dumb on!)
Niggas got me on that young sh** (young sh**)

Got me on that go dumb sh** (dumb sh**)
Got me on that go dumb sh** man (dumb sh**)
Trap mode in this mother***
Hotter than a bi***
Ayo! Pour up I need some more drank

His Social Profiles

Instagram: @itsbobbyshmurda
Facebook: officialbobbyshmurda
TikTok: @itsrealbobbyshmurda


Despite Bobby Shmurda having scandals and being in jail for some time, he is continuing to grow his music as a career.

He has been featuring musicians across Africa too, and recently he did a collabo with Bien and Harmonize, known as “I Made It”.

Here are some of his songs.

Bobby Shmurda Songs

Hot N*gga2014
Living Life2014
Shmoney Dance2014
Bobby B*tch2014
Hot Boy2014
Body Dance2014
Shyte Time2014
This is Shmurda2014
Brand new Shmoney2014
I Love my squad2014
Can’t forget about hot2014
Wipe my case away2014
Cartier Lens2021
Getting Em back2022
Glock Inside2022
Hoochie Daddy2022
They don’t know2022
Whole brick2022
On God2022
From the slums2022
Foreign sh*t2022

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