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FamousAnd.com is a comprehensive events, places and biographies website where our readers can get correct, reliable and updated information. Our trusted and highly qualified editors are continuously researching, in order to keep you updated, entertained and informed.

You can use our website to:

  • Find the best places to visit, whether you wish to travel as a tourist or just for fun
  • Learn more about your favorite artist, musician, author, actor, actress, politician, and TV & media personalities
  • Find out some of the historical events that happened many years ago and which changed the course of history
  • Learn more about calendar dates, months

Moreover, people have always paid attention to those at the top of the society. This is because we, humans, are social creatures. Our fascination with, and love for, celebrities and famous people is also influenced by modern technology and the media.

About us at famousand.com

However, our one-sided, parasocial interaction with celebrities has multiple benefits. These include:

  • It gives people a sense of self and identity, thereby satisfying a psychological need to identify with someone or something.
  • People get fashion cues and social trends by following popular celebs.
  • By watching what high-status people do, we get motivated to be like them, and some people have become celebrities out of their love and fascination with other celebrities. Many star footballers also grew their talent out of their love for famous footballers whom they watched during their tender age – footballers like the late Diego Maradona, Messi, Ronaldo and Pele.
  • Some celeb-obsessed people are hooked onto celeb gossip like a drug. But unlike drugs, celeb worship won’t kill them – mostly.

But sadly, many celebrities also struggle with substance addiction and mental health issues such as depression and suicidal tendencies. We, however, wouldn’t want our readers to copy such bad behavior.