Mia Randall Parents, Father and Age: All about Mia Randall Mahomes

Mia Randall is a young star kid who is shining bright like a diamond in the sky. The little girl must have been born with a golden spoon in her mouth since she, at a young age, has won millions of hearts on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

Her sun sign is Cancer. She is passionate, full of energy and is a cheerful young soul.

Mia Randall Parents, Father and Age: All about Mia Randall Mahomes

When was Mia Randall Born and what is her Age?

Mia celebrates her birthday in the month of July. She was born on 12 July, 2011 in the United States of America. She also goes by the name Mia Bliss as a nickname, a lovely name that suits her perfectly.

Mia Randall Mahomes

How old is Mia Randall today in 2023?

Mia Randall is 12 years, 4 months and 23 days old on 04 December, 2023.

On Which Day of the Week was She Born?

Mia was born on Tuesday, July 12th, 2011.

But she would have been born on a Wednesday if this year was the year of her birth.

Her Other Age Numbers Since Birth Until This Minute

We can calculate her age in months, weeks, days and years as follows:

  • Total Years: 12
  • Total Days: 4,528
  • Total Months: 148
  • Total Weeks: 646 and 6 days

Who is Mia Randall’s Father?

Mia is a daughter of Randi Gail Martin popularly known as Randi Mahomes and a step daughter to Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr. The bubbly girl’s siblings are Patrick Lavon Mahomes (the famous American football quarterback) and Jackson Lavon Mahomes who is famous in basketball.

Who is Mia Randall father

The American girl (Mia) is lucky to have half-sisters whose names are Avery and Zoe. She has a half-brother by the name Graham. The kids, despite having different parents, bond very well and are growing stronger as a family as days goes by.

In school Mia Bliss plays basketball for the school team. It definitely seems that sports runs through the family. She is also a good dancer and also loves cycling as a hobby.

NameMia Randall
Date of birth12 July 2011
Place of birthUSA
Mia Randall parentsRandi Mahomes & Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr
Mia Randall MotherRandi Mahomes (Randi Gail Martin)
Mia Randall FatherNot Known
Mia Randall Step-dadPat Mahomes (Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr)
BrotherPatrick Lavon Mahomes II, Jackson Mahomes
AuntBrittany Mahomes
Eye colorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Favorite SportAmerican football, Basketball
CareerStill in School
Social MediaInstagram, YouTube and TikTok

Mia Randall is Popular on YouTube

The young YouTuber’s hair color is black as are her eyes. Mia’s aunt is Brittany Matthews. The two have this magical bond that seems heavenly made. Brittany is expecting her first child with her fiancée Patrick Lavon Mahomes, so Mia will have a nephew or niece sooner than later.

Patrick and Mia are fond of each other. They’re always spotted together on most events come rain come sunshine. Isn’t that lovely?

Let’s take a glance at her side of life about her close family members a bit. Note that for now, in 2022, Mia is concentrating on her studies.

Randi Gail Martin (Mia Randall’s Mother)

Mia Randall's mom is Randi Mahomes
Mia Randall with her mom Randi Mahomes

Randi Gail was born in Tyler Texas in the United States of America on January 18 1976. She is the mother to Patrick Mahomes, Jackson Mahomes and Mia Randall.

She’s a single mother.

Randi Martins and Debbie Bates Martin are her biological parents. Mia Randall’s mother was born and raised in a family of three siblings, namely: Joey Martin, Jill Herrington and Lori Deal.

She is a Christian, American, and her ethnicity is Caucasian/ white. Moreover, her Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Gail is a private event facilitator for Holly tree country club in Tyler Texas. She is also a charming musician and a professional writer. One can find her on social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok.

Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr (Mia Randall’s Father)

Sr. Mahomes was born on August 9, 1970. Consequently, he is 51 years old in 2022. Mahomes was born in in Bryan, Texas, and his sun sign is Leo which suits him right as he is strong and fearless. This guy worked so hard on his passion as a professional baseball pitcher and he also played in Major League Baseball.

His play style was Batted: Right and Threw: Right. Patrick Lavon owns Jersey number 20 (Minnesota twins) and 23 (New York Mets}. His league is Major League Baseball.

Christianity is his religion. He is black by ethnicity, and an American by Nationality. Just like her step daughter Mia Randall, he has a cute nickname: Pat.

Patrick Studied at Lindale high school and later joined the University of Arkansas.

His marital status is divorced but he has a very unique bond with Randi’s kids. The father has a son named Patrick and who identifies himself as Patrick II Mahomes (Kansas City chiefs) to avoid confusion with the dad and Jackson Mahomes. You can find him on Twitter.

Patrick Lavon Mahomes II

Mia Randall with her brother Patrick Lavon Mahomes II
Mia Randall with her brother Patrick Lavon Mahomes II and aunt Brittany Mahomes

He is the elder brother to Mia. Patrick is a famous American football quarterback for Kansas City Chiefs of National football League (NFL).

Patrick Mahomes celebrates his birthday on September 17. He was born in the year 1995 in Tyler Texas in the United States of America.

Currently Patrick is engaged to Brittany Matthews who was his high school lover. The two love birds have a daughter together, and their wedding that was set to happen in 2022.

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Matthews welcomed another bundle of joy, in Nov 28 2022, a boy called Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III. Bronze (a football star-Lucky Bronze) was a nickname suggested by Jackson, brother to Patrick Mahomes.

The couple uploaded a baby gender-revealing video back in 2020 and it happened to be a baby girl who was born on February 20 and they named her Sterling Skye.

Brittany Matthews is a soccer player and a well experienced personnel trainer.

Jackson Mahomes

He is brother to Patrick Lavon Mahomes and step-brother to Mia Randall. Jackson is popular in TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms.

The young achiever was born on 15 May 2000 in Texas, United States of America. He has gained fame due to his brother Patrick Mahomes who plays football as a quarterback.

Well, fame runs through this Mahomes family. It seems like it’s in the blood. Jackson Mahomes is successful at such a tender age. He has gained stability through social media, indirectly he gets followers to his account from his brother’s account who happen to like him.

Despite being successful and popular at his age, he’s an online seller who sells products like masks, t-shirts, mobile covers, and pants, among other items. He appears to be still single. These are the people who are very close to Mia Randall.

More Information about Mia Randall


Her team is called Whitehouse Angels.

On her Instagram posts Mia is often taking basketball tutorials. This reveals her hard work to excel.

Mia Randall Height

She is growing slim and tall with medium weight as noted on her Instagram photos.

Social media

Mia is on TikTok where she trends like her brother Jackson. To add to the list, she loves dancing and singing. But her Youtube account seems to no longer exist after uploading a few videos with the help of her mother.

On Instagram she is miabliss15 as of now she has 15k followers and the account is managed by her mother Randi Mahomes.

Mia Randall Net worth

Her earnings are not yet into the limelight since she is still young and in school. But we all can see hard work. Mia is a star kid who aims to soar higher.

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