Apollo Fitzgerald Early Life, Parents, Family, Siblings, Social Media, Age and Net Worth

Apollo Fitzgerald is a son to former NFL (National Football League) star Larry Fitzgerald and Melissa Blakesley. Melissa Blakesley and Larry lived as a couple for many years. As a result, many people thought that they were married. The then famous couple dated for more than ten years.

They even raised their son, Apollo, together before parting ways. Apollo resembles his parents. He was born in Minnesota, United States of America on April 23, 2013.

Apollo Fitzgerald Early Life, Parents, Family, Siblings, Social Media, Age and Net Worth

About Apollo Fitzgerald Siblings

He has two siblings who are his half-brothers. These other Larry fitzgerald’s sons are Darion Dylan Blakeley and Devin Fitzgerald. Apollo is a grandson to Larry Fitzgerald Sr. and Carol Fitzgerald, not forgetting his uncle Marcus Fitzgerald.

Apollo’s nationality is American with an African-American ethnicity and he has brown hair. His complexion is fair. The boy is of the Christian faith.

How old is Apollo Fitzgerald?

Born on Tuesday, 23 April 2013, Apollo Fitzgerald is 11 years, 2 months and 20 days old on 13 July, 2024.

  • Total Years: 11
  • Total Days: 4,099
  • Total Months: 134
  • Total Weeks: 585 and 4 days

Apollo Fitzgerald Family and Personal Life

Apollo is the last born son of Larry Fitzgerald who was recently at Arizona Cardinals of the NFL. Larry was in the game for 15 seasons representing a mono team of Arizona Cardinals. But he has decided not to play football again.

Apollo Fitzgerald is Larry Fitzgerald's son

His father is fruitful since he is the co-owner of Phoenix Suns of National Basketball Association (NBA). Additionally, he runs two charity funds and has investments in over forty companies.

Previously, before Larry and Melissa started dating, Larry was in a relationship with Angela Nazario. Angela is an American celebrity and a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader. She and Larry Fitzgerald had a son together named Devin.

The two former lovers dated for two years and the couple had an age difference of fifteen years. They were doing great. But later Larry was accused of domestic violence. Angela got protection against him and the relationship ended.

Despite all that happened, Larry maintained his attachment to his son Devin, and extended the love to Apollo and Devin bringing them close. The two half-brothers are regularly spotted together in many pictures with their dad.

Darion Dylan Blakeley, Apollo’s other half-brother, is fully grown although his mother has never revealed his dads name. Apollo’s mother’s personal life is not mentioned at all even after being in a relationship with Larry and having a son together.

Apollo Fitzgerald’s Achievements

The young star’s sun sign is Taurus. Although he has not won an award yet, he’s just a kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is a celebrity son to a famous NFL player. This has contributed to him becoming famous at such a tender age.

But his father is dedicated to sportsman and has won many awards, in addition to multiple nominations.

Apollo Fitzgerald on Social Media

Apollo does not have any social media accounts in 2022 since he’s too young to handle this accounts. Additionally, he is still going to school and therefore needs to focus on his studies for now. But his father has a Facebook account and on Instagram his handle is larryfitzgerald, and on twitter @larryfitzgerald so if you want to get an update about Apollo just follow his dad.

School and Education

The name of Apollo’s school is not yet public. But since he is a son to a celebrity father, he’s expected to be attending one of the many prestigious schools in the USA.

Apollo Fitzgerald Net Worth

Apollo does not have a salary yet since he’s still young. But he is famous due to his famous father who earns a lot of income from his successful businesses and sports activities.

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